Welcome to Squish-E! I am so glad you found me, I'm Annika and I love all things that are Squish-E.  Whether it is slime or things that squish or just feel great to the touch and bring happiness/smile.

Some reasons why I love Squish-E beside just being fun.  

BENEFITS: Squish-E slime is very tactile and brings you to that comforting memory of happiness and fun.  Poof! gone are the memories of that long day at school, work or you just need that time to yourself, Squish-E is there for you. (fun and relaxing). 

My slimes and floams are made in very small craft batches with TLC.  In each slime or floam you will get a surprise that is exclusively designed for Squish-E.  

Our "& Things" are curated products that I just think are fun and I wanted to share these with you so that YOU (tweens/teens) too, can enjoy (Find) your "happy" place/moment, with Squish-E!  :)

Keep checking in as I will be searching and adding new products that you will also enjoy.